Our work in Lesotho

Lesotho is a beautiful mountainous country, completely surrounded by South Africa. According the World Bank review, Lesotho has been classified as a lower -to- middle income country.

Our mission — our mission is to help businesses in particular small business in Lesotho to be more effective, efficient, and economic by making technology products and services more relevant and affordable.

We have taken it up ourselves to be the glue that holds Lesotho’s e-commerce ecosystem through business training, software development and IT support. We intend to use advanced technologies such Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Blockchain and IoT and simple technologies such us local and cloud storage, marketplaces, CRMs and online marketing tools.

With a little coordination the cost of doing business in Lesotho can decline significantly breaking down the barriers of entrepreneurship.

As a small landlocked country Lesotho needs to focus on exporting value instead of importing it, and this should not just be a state mandate but a mindset for new and upcoming entrepreneurs. As Technify we are positioning ourself to be the tech support for tech & export centric entrepreneurship in Lesotho, helping Basotho access global opportunities beyond their borders.

Our objectives are two fold, make high quality services affordable to SMMES in Lesotho through the sharing economy model and build a vibrant tech ecosystem in Lesotho through events, programmes and partnerships.

Our vision — is to be Africa’s technical voice of reason.



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